An email from Virginia, US.

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I’m always pleased to hear about the interest people have for introducing the Anglican Rosary into their parish and faith communities. I received the following email the other day.

I’d just like to take a moment and thank you for the work you do on behalf of the Anglican rosary on the Society of St. Francis’ website. My wife and I got interested in the Anglican rosary last year and in scouring the internet for prayers I came across the SSF website. I occasionally pray the Angelus among other prayers. I’ve been inspired enough to start a rosary prayer group at our parish.

The writer continued by asking if there was any ‘wisdom’ or ‘tips’ that I might be able to provide to help with this. I’m always happy to provide people with the support they need to introduce this form of prayer to their communities. I was able to send onto him a copy of some of the resources we use in our worshops. I pray that his enthusiasm is picked up by the folks in his area.

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