A Request from The Hague

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Once again I’m delighted to see the interest in the introduction of the Anglican Rosary and how this interest has brought people to our webiste on the Anglican Rosary. It is good to be able to support people in this way.

In an email the author spoke about how he and his wife had been visiting a service at a Catholic Church and saw a person praying the Rosary. Like many, he recognised the value of this kind of prayer and wondered why it was not practiced in the Anglican Church. He of course soon learnt that there is an growing increase in the use of prayer beads or Rosaries in the Anglican Church. He is keen to introduce this form of prayer to his local parish and wanted support to do this.

Of course, it is always helpful to have someone come and do this who has experience. However, sometimes distance and cost are not conducive to such a desire. In which case I feel I can atleast offer support by providing some resources and email support to people like this fellow. It is good to see how our global villiage can be just that little bit smaller in collaberating on projects like this.

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