Ultimate Guide To Naturally Lasting Longer In Bed

Men, especially your husbands, should know how to satisfy the couple to make the relationship more harmonious. One of them by doing foreplay or sexual heating. Foreplay is considered important by some couples to realize physical desires, emotions, and prepare the condition of the body and mind before entering intercourse or intercourse. This is especially important for women because women take longer to feel excited than men. Some common sexual heating, such as hugging, kissing, stroking aimed at producing lubrication in the vagina.
Try Understanding Your Spouse’s Sexual Desires and Desires.
It is important to understand that sexual activity other than healthy, also able to satisfy the couple. There is nothing wrong for the husband to try to stimulate almost in all parts of the wife as each woman has a different point of stimulation.

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These stimulation points are useful as a warm up before starting intercourse. Here are the advantages of doing foreplay, among others:

  • Make the body parts more relaxed before entering the intercourse phase.
  • Unite his soul and mind to be more open to receive sexual stimulation.
  • Relaxing the muscles into the vagina for penetration to take place safely and comfortably.

When your partner is passionate, this is the first sign of the four female sexual stages. The next three stages are the sexual plateau, orgasm, and resolution phases. In the early stages, the blood vessels in the sensitive area will widen, increasing the blood flow in the vaginal walls that cause the release of lubricating fluid.

Then, followed by phase and marked by the enlargement of female breast size of about 25 percent. Then, approaching the stage of orgasm or release of sexual tension is fun and intense when having sex. Until finally back to normal conditions in the resolution phase.
Give a Loving Girl Experience to Your Spouse
Want to provide a great and healthy sexual experience? The following tips can be applied men to your loyal female partner.

Build intimacy

Keep in mind, it is important to build intimacy by communicating before and during intercourse. Begin your closeness with your partner by kissing and hugging each other. Then gradually start holding, stroking, or stroking the sensitive area. At the end of the agreed period, reach orgasm with the relationship you both enjoy.

Light massage adds to the sensuality of sexual experience

In the sexual activity, start everything slowly. Create a relaxed situation while caressing your partner’s skin as part of the strengthening of sexual arousal.

Whispering words in the pair’s ear

Whisper sentences full of love and affection when making love. This can foster extra sexual sensation. It does not have to happen during foreplay, but it can start by calling, messaging, or emailing to your partner. Make sure you send messages or emails to the right people and do not use supervised office e-mail addresses.

After understanding how to satisfy the couple, there is no longer a constraint for the husband to lure the wife to climax when making love. So, do not hesitate to help your loyal partner by doing experimenting suitable sex positions so you and he can more enjoy the essence of sex.